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Dry Eyes in Baltimore

Baltimore Eye Doctor
Baltimore Eye Doctor

Dry eyes do not threaten the wellness of your eyes or your vision, at least not beyond the temporary effects they present until treated effectively here at Quality Optical of Columbia. We’re pleased to diagnose, evaluate, and address your dry eyes.

The most typical symptoms that you should be aware of are a feeling of burning or stinging in your eyes, blurry vision (especially if you read a lot or spend a great deal of time using a computer), tired eyes, sensitivity to light, and red eyes. In addition, exposure to wind and smoke can contribute to the problem. And if you wear contact lenses, you are more prone to dry eyes. Our Baltimore eye doctor performs a full checkup, which may also include special testing to determine the quantity and quality of your tears. The root cause of dry eyes is not enough tears, or tears whose composition is not sufficient to do their job. The good news to report is that it’s often not at all difficult to treat dry eyes. It’s a matter of direct care and a few simple lifestyle adjustments, for the most part. Artificial tears are eye drops that restore needed moisture to your eyes. They come in regular strength and prescription strength, depending on your needs. You should also avoid smoke, and keep your eyes protected outdoors on windy days (wear eyeglasses or sunglasses). Air-conditioning is also not good for dry eyes. And you may also benefit from the moist are that a humidifier provides. It is rare that our Baltimore eye doctor will suggest surgery for dry eyes, but if other methods do not lead to the desired outcome, or you have frequent recurrence of dry eyes, you may need to consider it.

Book an appointment right now to come in. Let our Baltimore eye doctor relieve the effects of dry eyes for you.

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