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Farsightedness in Columbia

Columbia eye doctor
Columbia eye doctor

Farsightedness is when you can see fine at a distance, but your vision up close is not so good. At Quality Optical of Olney, you can overcome farsightedness with a pair of prescription glasses or contact lenses. It is always the goal of our Columbia eye doctor to ensure that your corrected vision represents your very best.

The cause of farsightedness is not all that different from that of nearsightedness. The curvature of your cornea should, if your vision is normal, result in light being directed to your retina at the back of your eye such that it strikes it at or close to the center. When you are suffering from farsightedness, it means that the light is instead landing toward the back of your retina. Heredity often plays a big role in whether or not you develop farsightedness. Other risk factors include having diabetic retinopathy and though it’s not very common, an eye tumor. It takes surgery to correct the curvature of your cornea, but fortunately you don’t need to undergo that to get great results. Our Columbia eye doctor, after a thorough examination, will prescribe corrective eyewear that alters the angle at which light travels between your cornea and your retina. How do you know if you are farsighted? There is one obvious sign. Are you satisfied with how well you see up close? If not, you have your answer. However, it’s also possible that you’re seeing adequately near to you, but yet our Columbia eye doctor can offer you improvement. Why settle for adequate when excellence is easily within your reach?

All you have to do is call our office and schedule a convenient time to come in and have a comprehensive eye exam here. In addition to diagnosing farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism, it is also vital for the early detection of common eye diseases. If you have not had one within the last year, book one now.

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