Columbia MD Eye Physician

Columbia MD Eye Physician

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An eye exam is a very important tool used by a professional Columbia MD eye physician to assess your vision and eye health. There are many tests involved in a routine eye exam that help your eye doctor to get a good picture of your overall eye and vision health.

Knowing what to expect during your eye exam helps you to be prepared. When you arrive, you’ll check in at the front desk and you’ll see the technician for your pre-test. During the pretest, the technician will check your color and depth perception and will use a non-contact tonometer to screen you for glaucoma. It measures your intraocular pressure (the pressure inside your eye) without touching it with a light puff of air. It measures your eye’s response to the puff of air which is calculated and converted into a measurement of pressure. The technician will also do a visual field screening to assess your peripheral (side) vision. You’ll then meet with the eye doctor who will perform several tests. Your Columbia MD eye physician will check how your eyes work together and whether they’re aligned by covering them one at a time. He’ll do an extraocular muscle test which involves you following a small object with your eyes to check the muscles of your eyes. He’ll do a near distance refraction test. You’ll look through a phoropter at various images and will be asked which ones are clearer. This helps the eye doctor to measure the vision correction you need to ensure that you get the right lenses. He’ll then use a slit lamp which magnifies your eyes to check for cataracts, infections and signs of eye disease. After you eye doctor finishes the exam, you will discuss your vision health and the right prescription for you. You’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered. You’ll then see the optician to choose the right glasses to fit your vision needs, lifestyle and cosmetic goals.

If you’re due for your routine eye exam, don’t hesitate. Contact us right now to schedule an appointment with our Columbia MD eye physician.

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