Emergency Eye Care Columbia

Emergency Eye Care Columbia

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Eye Trauma in Columbia

If you sustain damage to your eye from an injury or accident, you need immediate attention. And it should be from a specialist. Your primary care doctor has neither the experience nor the equipment and instruments that we have here at Quality Optical of Columbia. We will handle eye trauma with a sense of urgency.

Whatever the nature of the problem, whether it’s a foreign object stuck in your eye, or damage left from some type of impact, you can rely on our emergency eye care Columbia. Other examples of circumstances when you will need our help include a lump on your eyelid, obvious inflammation or infection of one or both eyes, corneal ulcers, and chemical contamination. If you are much closer to a hospital at the time you suffer eye trauma, it may make more sense to go to the ER. Similarly, if you have other injuries not related to your eyes that are of equal or greater concern, an ER is probably the way to go. However, in all other instances, you should avail yourself of our emergency eye care Columbia. If possible, call us or have someone else do so on your behalf. That will give us the opportunity to prepare for your arrival. Every second is important. There is no doubt that the more quickly you get care for your eye trauma, the better the chances are that the desired outcome will be achieved. Our eye doctor will examine you, ask any pertinent questions, and determine the most suitable and effective way to treat you given the situation at hand.

You can take advantage of our emergency eye care Columbia if you are presently a patient of ours, or even if you have never come to our office before. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your long term eye wellness and your vision may depend on it.

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