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Eye care in Columbia MD

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Dry eyes and winter weather in Olney

Winter weather can be irritating to dry eyes. Harsh winds and air can dry out the nasal passages and eyes, causing uncomfortable side effects. At Quality Optical of Olney, we provide the best in eye care in Columbia MD as well as treatment for dry eyes and other seasonal allergies. Dry eye syndrome can occur when the water and oils in the eye are thrown out of balance, creating problems with tear production and the ability to perform activities such as working on a computer.

Eye care in Columbia MD
Eye care in Columbia MD

Dry eye can also be irritating when the sufferer is in a dry environment such as an airplane, office or warehouse. Because dry eye stems from the eye not producing enough tears or tears evaporating too quickly, it is important to keep the eyes lubricated to prevent uncomfortable side effects. The reasons for dry eye are many. Age, hormones, medications, environmental conditions and refractive surgery can all lead to dry eye syndrome. Because winter’s cold air has less humidity and moisture, it is especially hard on eyes. Even more, heaters and devices that give off heat like wood stoves or furnaces can dry the eyes out even more. Windy winter air or the heater from a car blowing in the face can really cause problems if the eyes are too dry. That’s why it’s important to come in for eye care in Columbia MD if you’re having these types of problems, to avoid further irritation to eyes.

Symptoms for dry eye include eye fatigue and irritation, mucus in or around the eyes, a sensitivity to light, puffiness and redness, and difficulty wearing contact lenses. Some patients may find that they also have periods where they are producing too many tears, and blurry vision that gets worse by the end of the day or when eyes focus or strain too hard. Our eye care in Columbia MD offices can provide relief and treatment for dry eyes, during any season.

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